Calves are sore and I don’t know why

Saturday I took the day off and today was the last game for the CPUC Lancaster fall league.  Occasionally I will still get DOMS from a very hard lifting session, but I do not get sore immediately following workout–except for today.  My calves were burning after the game.  I have no idea why.  Could it be due to lack of proper fueling or hydration before the game?  Or is it because I have been playing less and doing fewer workouts in cleats on grass?  I just played in PADA MOSH last weekend and did a lateral movement workout in cleats on Wednesday.  It is hard for me to accept that my calves have already become deconditioned in response to a soft surface.

Whatever the reason, I do know that my calves need work.  If anything is sore after a tournament, it is my right calf.

In the past I’ve poo-pooed the idea of jump rope training thinking it would be better to spend that time running.  I may have to rethink that bias.  Clearly I need to do something differently.

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  • Since 2006, I’ve been a huge believer in the power of jump roping. From basic, to very complex workouts, you can do a lot with a simple jump rope and it builds not only muscle, but speed, quickness, agility, and footwork.

    For instance, on a basketball court, find a line on the court. Begin by jumping over it forward and back, then side to side, then do the same on one foot. Some tougher ones are jumping side to side, but trying to touch the ground 3 times between each rope swing. Sort of confusing but its like this: On the right side your feet would go R-L-R Rope swing L-R-L(on the left side of the line) Rope swing R-L-R Rope L-R-L etc. You’ll need to slow down your pace to get the feet in and it takes some practice and effort, but it feels like doing an agility ladder combined with a great jump rope workout. Good luck!

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