leg strength: pistols and SLDLs

Tonight I went heavy on the legs.  I am most happy about doing single leg pistol squats.  I could do three sets of 4 using 5 lb dumbbells in each hand (more to help balance than to add resistance).  Pistol squats are the most difficult of the single leg exercises.  I did not even attempt pistols at all last year.  Definitely work on the basics of single leg strength first.

This was my routine this evening:  (3 X 4 means I did 3 sets of 4 reps)

Squats 175: 3X4, 165: 1X5

modified deadlift: 125: 3 X 6

1 leg squat 10: 3 X 4

cable pullthrough 80: 3 X 10

1 leg bench squat 15: 3 X 10

1 leg SLDL 15: 3 X 10

calf raises 70: 3 X 8

1 leg SLDLs are really a challenge at the end of a leg workout.  I was wobbling by the last 2 reps or each set.

What are your favorite leg exercises?

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