putting the disc away (for now)

I have finally reached my limit. I am DONE touching the disc until winter league.  I thought it was odd that I wasn’t sick of playing ultimate when the season ended. Turns out the feeling was delayed by a month but I didn’t escape it.  I continued to think that each event would be my last -PADA Mosh, a fall league game, watching a college scrimmage. Saturday we had a pickup game in Lancaster because some old friends were back in town for Thanksgiving.  I was happy to see friends but surprised to realize that the last thing I wanted to do was play ultimate.  There will always be ultimate to be played or watched if you look for it.  At some point in order to take a break, you just have to decide to take it.  I had been wanting to get more throwing in before the cold set in.  Now I think it’s time to put away this disc until winter league.

I do think everyone is different in the amount of time off that is needed.  When I was younger and learning something new every game, I didn’t need any time off. All games were fun regardless of the weather, the turnout, or the level of play.  After fourteen years of playing, pickup is not always fun and playing in the snow has lost its novelty.  Learning requires less volume of playing and higher quality of playing.  When you are neither learning, nor having fun it’s time for a break!

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  • Paolo Chiappin

    Hey Melissa.

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and your procedure with us readers. It’s interesting to have a resource like this available.

    I’d like to question this decision of you benching “disc practices” even if for a while. I can understand putting pickup and practice games on the bench for a while, but don’t you think that you should necessarily maintain a steady, regular, practice for your throws?

    This post clearly suggests that might not be the best idea. I’m curious about what you think of this.

    Keep up the good work.

    • Paolo,
      I really love that blog post you linked to and I totally agree with it. I think in general many, many players spend more time on fitness and less time on throwing skills than they should. But I honestly don’t think there’s much harm in me not throwing for a month or two over the winter. The closer I get to the season (and I don’t count winter league as part of the season), the more throwing I’ll do. In the months that I do throw, I throw a lot.

      I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog. Thanks for reading!

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