Circuit training as an indoor workout

About two weeks ago I finished up my phase which was focusing on Olympic lifts.  Later in the year I’d like to do another round of Olympic lifting under supervision and move more weight.

This month I’m changing my training emphasis toward building up some work capacity with circuit training.  I wish I could say this decision was part of a well planned progression in training.  Honestly it’s more because I’m in search of some interesting things to do while I’m stuck indoors.  This phase will last about four weeks through the month of February or whenever it gets warm enough to go to the track again.  Primarily I will be developing strength endurance and power endurance.  The exercises in this circuit are full body exercises that have a lot in common with the Olympic lifts I’ve been doing.  One phase of training is blending naturally into the next.

My circuits consist of three exercises:

  1. Alternating dumbell high pulls (30 lb dumbbells) (I’m doing this single arm)
  2. High pull to press (20 lb) (The video is actually a clean and press.  Similar motion,  I just don’t go to the floor.  Also, I do this with two arms, not single arms)
  3. Squat to press (15 lb)

I alternate 30 s of work doing as many reps as possible with 30 s of rest.

Last week I repeated this circuit three times.  Yesterday I went through the circuit four times.  This is definitely a challenging workout.

I am doing this circuit three times per week.  After a four minute break I do some jump rope intervals.  Days of the week when I’m not doing the circuit I do some pulling and pressing upper body exercises and jump rope training or a lateral movement workout.  I am also still doing core work every day but have cut down on the volume a bit.

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  • Cap

    Hey Melissa Right now I am doing a circuit.. it is call spartacus .. I supposed to do 3 rounds of all 10 exercises but right now I can barely do two.. so I hope by the end of the spring season I can do the three with more rep of each exercise and increasing weight. You should check it out

    • Looks good Cap,
      I’m sure you’ll look back in a few weeks and marvel at how much more you can do! I wouldn’t recommend doing this type of work the whole way through the spring especially if you’re adding it on top of playing etc. You’ll eventually need some variety to keep you going too I’d imagine. But who knows, everyone’s different. I think you’ll get great benefits if you keep it up for 4-6 weeks but by then you’ll probably be ready to change up your training and there’s nothing wrong with that even if you still haven’t worked up to completing all three rounds of all the exercises. Your work capacity will increase from year to year so no need to make it all happen at once! good luck! and thanks for sharing the link!

  • Cap

    I am not playing that much ultimate right now.. It is cold here and there is no winter league or anything like that 🙁 .. thats the reason I am concentrating in at least doing this 3 times a week ( plus 3 hours of Xcountry skiing a week).. and I decide to follow you core/ abs circuit 2 days a week. I probably be doing more outdoor/running late in the spring when the weather get a little better … Thank you for all the advise 🙂

  • Jennie

    It seems like this circuit is only really working my shoulders. Is it meant to be that way?

  • Jennie,
    These are full body exercises. However, you won’t really feel the explosive exercises working your muscles the way you’d feel the slower lifting exercises like the squat and press. In the high pull and the pull to press you should be using primarily your hips. It’s like you’re jumping the weight up. You should not be using your arms/shoulders at all really in the high pull. In the pull to press and squat to press you are using the momentum from your legs to help push the weight up. You may feel it a lot in your shoulders because as you lower the weight, you may be lowering more than you would ordinarily be able to push up without the squat momentum.

  • Jennie

    Ahhh, I new you’d have an explanation for me. Thanks. I will have to give it another try because I was surely doing it incorrectly and straining my shoulders.

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