Hey all! Just a quick note to update you on my season.

Last week I officially joined a team!

I’ll be playing with Renegade, a coed team from DC.  Last year they lost in the game to go to nationals.  This year we’re looking to get the job done.

I had been to a few practice earlier in the year with this team but it didn’t feel like a good fit at the time and I was getting tired of commuting.  However, two weeks ago I joined them for Glazed Daze in North Carolina.  Two full days of play allowed me the opportunity to gel with the other handlers.  This team has a great attitude.  Competitive enough to get fired up and angry – but never at each other.

Sectionals in two weeks!  Regionals Oct 1-2nd!  Wish me luck!


Two things you should read about in-season training

Btw, I hope you all saw last week’s post about nonlinear periodization over at ultitraining.com.

Nonlinear periodization is great strategy for the long season though I’ll admit I’m still experimenting with its implementation.  I’d love to hear what you think.  Goes well with this month’s expert panel topic of In Season Training.


How’s your season going?  What challenges are you facing right now?

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