I’m back! And more stylish than ever

Hey all!

So sorry to leave you all for so long after the close of the season.  I took some time off to rejuvenate but my lack of words does not reflect a lack of activity.  Since my last blog post I went to nationals with Skyd Magazine, started creating a new training website, and got a new job!

But more about all that later.  What’s got me so excited that I HAD to come online and share it with you all is this:


Injiji socks

Injiji socks


Yup, a new pair of awesome injiji socks!  Yes, they look strange but they are surprisingly comfortable.  They fit uh… like a glove!  It’s hard to wear them around the house without smiling every time I look down.   I also wore them for several hours of a pickup game and they performed very well.  Stayed put, comfortable, not smelly.  I really liked being able to wiggle my toes with no grossness in between after taking my cleats off.  Highly recommended!

One of my students found out about my fancy sock obsession after finding my blog and so I did, in fact, end up getting socks on my birthday.  Awesome!  Big thanks to Richie for the injiji suggestion in the comments.  Plenty of other suggestions in the comments for you to try out as well.  Powersox and Smartwool may make the top of my Christmas list this year.

And speaking of gift lists, it’s soon going to be time for a repeat performance of last year’s Nine Non-obvious Gift Ideas for the Ultimate Player in Your LifeWhat should go on the list???  I’m not feeling quite as original as last year so please help a girl out!  Post your ideas in the comments below!


More updates on my life and training coming soon.  Thanks for reading!



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