Monday and Tuesday workouts


Beautiful day out!  76 degrees and breezy.  Couldn’t miss the opportunity to get in a good throwing practice.

Part 1 : introductory plyos

(10 minutes)

Same plyo work as last week

Part 2:  throwing practice

(60 minutes)

  • Worked on being quick but not hurried with fakes.
  • Visualized various scenarios, marks, field orientations with fakes.
  • Hucking forehand and backhand with and against the wind

Part 3:  shuttle runs

(10 minutes)

5 X 150 yard shuttles (50 yards X 3)

90 s rest between runs.

Each shuttle run was the same speed!  hooray for sprint endurance!



Rainy and cold.  Good day to be inside the gym

Part 1:  lateral plyos

(12 minutes)

Part 2:  strength training

(60 minutes)

Core Circuit

Three times through:

  • standing cable chop
  • oblique bridge
  • reverse crunch


Today I went heavy:

  • Squats 5X5 (means five sets of five reps)
  • Chin ups 5 sets of 2, 2, 2, 1, and 1 reps (dang, I hate chinups)
  • Deadlift 5X5
  • Bench Press 5X3

Part 3:  conditioning

(20 minutes)

Lateral movement training.

(30 s work, 60 s rest) X 10 reps

5 minute jump rope intervals cooldown


Is me posting my workouts useful and/or interesting to you? 

I don’t want to become boring and I think posting what I do every day would not be that interesting.  So, if you DO want to see more of my personal workouts, please let me know.

I wouldn’t recommend directly copying my workouts but I do hope these workout samples give you an idea of how you might plan your training sessions.


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2 comments to Monday and Tuesday workouts

  • Melissa Gibbs

    Yes! I like the articles about the components but what interests me more is how YOU are putting them together…it helps me to understand how I can do it for myself. It’s not something I need to see all the time but I do like knowing exactly how you go about your own individual days/weeks and sections of focus for your training. I think for me right now, my hardest part is knowing how to weigh everything together that I want to do and you answer it perfectly this way (for example, knowing how much weight training I should be doing now that I’m working into sprinting/agility.) So thank you!

    • Thanks for the feedback, Melissa. You are correct in that the hardest part is knowing how to put all of the training components together. It’s something that takes experience and trial and error. I certainly don’t have it completely figured out yet! I’m hoping to get a few posts out about program design soon. Hopefully those will help.

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