Olympic lifts and lucky finds!

Olympic lifting practice went much better today.  Not feeling quite so awkward with my dumbbell snatches and I didn’t notice anyone looking at me funny.

My practice was helped by this crazy thing I found last week:

old weider barbell

It was lying in the back yard of my brother’s rental property and I happened to see it half buried in the snow as I was helping to repaint the living room.

I have not yet weighed it but I estimate it is around 45 pounds, maybe 55.  It looks small, but it is heavier than it looks.  The plates are 10 lbs.

This thing is perfect for practicing my high pulls and power cleans!  Friday I took it to the park and did 3X5 power cleans, front squats, and jerks outside.  So much fun!  I also did some sets of medicine ball throws for a complete power workout.

I hope you all are finding the tools, the advice, and the training partners you need to make your off season successful!

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