Plyometrics: Update and Equipment Options

I’m in the middle of a phase of introductory plyometrics.   I have 2 linear and 2 lateral days of plyos per weeks.  Each session involves 33 ground contacts for a total of 132 ground contacts per week.


In the first phase of plyometrics I was focused only on jumping with a soft landing.  Now I am starting to incorporate multiple jumps.  For this week’s jumps I took a small hop between jumps.  So I am still not all the way to minimizing ground contact time but I am working on my elasticity.


Despite having all this stuff and having plyo boxes on my Christmas list, I do not have fancy training equipment for my plyometric training.

This week I was at the track:

hurdles and tires

I used the hurdles for double leg jumps (3 sets of 5 jumps).  The tires were used for single leg hops (3 sets of 6 hops each foot). 

It was nice having hurdles and that works great when I want to do sprints at the track.  However, I’ve been alternating between flat, incline, and decline sprints.  For the incline and decline sprints I use a slight incline at a park and I do my plyos beforehand on grass.

Last workout at the park I used cones instead of hurdles: 


double stack 16 inches

more cones

eight inches for single leg hops


Not quite as pretty, but it works.  A double stack of cones gets you 16 inches (maybe not enough height for some).  A single stack is 8 inches.


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