Priorities: Movement vs Motor Skills

lateral movement workout

doing skater hops

Monday I did my 20s/40s intervals at the track, Tuesday I did lateral movement intervals. These are the same types of workouts I was doing around this time last year. While last year I was working hard to go from almost no fitness to being fit enough to survive a serious tryout process, this year I’ve stayed fit all winter long.  My lateral movement workout was easy and my intervals were faster than they were last season.  I believe I have better endurance now than when I began tryouts last season. Though my workouts tell me so, it is difficult for me to believe that I’m actually in good condition.  I won’t really believe it until I go outside and play a few games.



So the good news is:

  1. I have a good training base and am ready for top speed and plyometric training.
  2. I can afford to devote less time to general fitness and more time to motor skills.


Fitness vs motor skills

It can be agonizing to decide how to spend your time.  I believe this is why handlers have such a bad rap for being slow and out of shape.  It’s not necessarily because we are lazy. Perhaps it’s because we  devote more time to throwing versus training.

Last year I didn’t have to prioritize.  I was working very part time.  I could go to the weight room, throw in the afternoon, and run in the evening all in the same day if I wanted.  This year I have to make choices.  I belive I can realistically devote 2 hours per day to training and practicing.  This is not as much time as I’d like.  If I could have four hours per day, I’d easily be able to figure out what to do with it.

I have a lot to learn. One of my goals this season is to improve my pulling consistency and time aloft. I am also considering changing my forehand grip.

Thankfully maintaining general fitness doesn’t require nearly as much time as attaining it.  (We’ll see if my fitness tests agree.)


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