Proper Progression in Plyos: Stick the Landing

I finally bought myself a camera. Hopefully this mean more video demos to come…

I’ve been promising to talk about plyos and agility drills for awhile now.
So first up:

An intro to plyometrics

Players tend to injure themselves in plyometric programs by committing one of to two basic mistakes. Mistake #1 is doing too many reps for too long. Mistake #2 is not having a proper progression in a plyometric program.

In this video I will help you to avoid mistake #2. Before you can be jumping all over the place, you need to be confident that you are landing safely, with proper form, AND that your body has adapted to absorbing the shock of landing.

Landing with proper form means that you are landing on the midfoot, that you can gently stick the landing (not bouncing all over the place or falling over), that you can do it quietly, and that your knees bend no more in landing than they do in initiating a jumping movement.

Try it on one foot like I demo below. Is it easy or more difficult than you expected?




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