Sample core circuit 2

Today’s core circuit

I don’t have any one core routine that I follow day in and day out.  Instead, I usually pick my core exercises when I walk into the gym.  From my repetoire I pick some exercises for stability and some for movement.  I choose something for the lower abdominals, obliques, and whole core.   Sticking to these guidelines I am training for movement and stability in a various planes.

For today’s core circuit I chose two pairs of exercises (so it wasn’t technically a circuit).

I alternated these exercises three times with no rest. I paired them together because they both require use of the cable column.

Next, I paired these two for three sets:

I also did 3X6 Cook hip lifts to activate my glutes and mobilize my hips as preparation for my leg workout.

I’m always looking for new ways to train my core.

Do you have a favorite core exercise or circuit?  Please share it with me!



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