Sample plyometric workout

Before doing a plyometric workout, do a thorough dynamic warmup.  I also do prancing, galloping, pogos as excellent pre-plyo warm up exercises.


The Workout

1.  Squat Jumps

Multiple jumps with the aim of max height and minimal ground contact time.


2 sets 5 reps

2.  Jumping for height off one foot.

Though it’s not entirely necessary, I love using the vert tester for this exercise.  It ensures I’m jumping as high as possible.  Also, motor skills are learned best when the focus of attention is on an external factor rather than on what the body is doing.  With the vert tester my jumping is a lot more coordinated than without.


3 sets of 5 reps off each foot

3. Scissor jumps

2 sets of 6 reps

4.  Single leg cone hop

2 sets of 5 jumps each leg

5.  depth jumps

As you can see this step is not very high.  Any higher than ten inches and the height of my jump is decreased.  Clearly I need more work on absorbing and creating force.  Again I’m using the vert tester for motivation.

2 sets of 5 reps


Notes on Training Volume

In my previous post I discussed the issue of measuring volume by ground contacts.

Here is the ground contact count for this workout:

  1. squat jumps: 2 sets X 5 reps = 10 ground contacts
  2. single leg jump for height: 3 sets X 5 reps each leg = 15 contacts/leg
  3. scissor jump: 2 sets X 6 reps = 12 contacts
  4. 1 leg cone hops: 2 sets X 5 reps each leg = 10 contacts/leg
  5. depth jumps: 2 sets X 5 reps = 10 contacts

Total = 57 ground contacts for the workout


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7 comments to Sample plyometric workout

  • Melissa Gibbs

    I love this post for a few reasons:

    1) The breakdown with videos:) They are great!
    2) The calculation of ground contacts in your workout and finally,
    3) With you including samples of your dynamic warm up, the fact that I feel I finally understand the difference between um, I guess “lighter” plyometric movements like prancing, high knees and etc. and the plyometrics that you are making us understand should be used in a safe capacity.

    Thanks as always!

  • Lenny

    I really like those videos, and also your handbook. I will be doing a project to finish college soon, and i wanted to do it about physical training for ultimate frisbee, could i use some of these exercises and do you have some tips for me regarding further sources for speed/vertical jump training?

    • Hey Lenny,
      Sure you can use these exercises for your project. As far as further sources, I’m not sure. I’ve just sort of accumulated these exercises along the way from a variety of sources, people, books, and websites. You could start by googling “James Radcliffe Plyometrics”

  • Marissa Castoro

    Hey Melissa, Your site and 25 tips emails have been really helpful so I was wondering if maybe you could help me out with this. I was looking online to find a comprehensive training plan for Ultimate and shockingly I did! However, it didn’t include two appendices that outline some of the workouts. So I know it’s a long shot but maybe you know what is outlined in the workouts? The plan is just called “The Ultimate Conditioning Program” it’s written by Julie Smith (I would have contacted her, but the program is from 1997 and her contact info is out of date…) If you know of this program and could shed some light I would be so grateful! If not, thanks anyway and again your site is great!

    • You know I have one available, right? It includes strength training, conditioning, agility… everything you need to make you more of an athlete than you thought you could be.

      You can get it here:
      Obviously, I need to do a better job of advertizing 😉 It just came out about a week ago really so nobody knows about it yet.

      I also looked at Julie Smith’s program and unfortunately, I would not recommend it. I’m sure if you found Julie Smith she would also have evolved her thinking by now. There are a lot of isolation exercises like bicep curls and leg extensions. Also she has a lot of steady state running. My program includes neither of those things. 🙂

  • David Picon

    Hey Melissa!

    Great work with the site. I just started reading and I am getting a lot from it. I plan on taking these exercises to my team’s next training sessions. What would you recommend for resting time between sets or exercises?

    Thank you for all your help!

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