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Hello All,

This month is the six month anniversary of! Thank you ALL so much for reading, subscribing, and commenting.  I started this blog as an experiment.  My goals was to make it through blogging about one year of training.  I’m halfway there and loving every it! The coolest part of my blogging experience is when I meet you guys in person.  Please introduce yourself if you see me at any tournaments, league games, etc.  You have my picture, but I don’t have yours so you kinda have to be the first to say hello. 🙂  I promise I won’t bite and in fact, I’ll be thrilled to see you!

In honor of the six month anniversary of Melissa’s Ultimate Fitness I’ve got several “Top Five” posts coming at you!

So, for the first one…I assume most of you didn’t start following me in December so I want to recommend to you:

Top Five Posts I Think You Should Read

This is my opinion of the most information packed pieces I’ve written thus far.  This selection covers the basics of training for ultimate:

  1. Fitness Testing:  What are the Relevant Options?
  2. Strength Training:  Getting Started and Getting Help
  3. Circuit Training:  What is it?  Why do it?
  4. Interval Training for Cardiovascular Fitness Part 1:  What is it?  Why do it?
  5. Lateral Movement Workouts:  the secret of my success


Bonus!!  Two posts from my boyz, Mackey and Timbo, def on the list of the must reads!

Tim Morrill Teaches the Basics:  Volume vs Intensity

Matt Mackey:  On Deloading, Tapering, and Peaking in Season


Do you know anyone new to training for ultimate?  Think your teammates could learn a few things?  This list is a great place for them to start!

Don’t be selfish.  If you’re enjoying Melissa’s Ultimate Fitness, please share!


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