Top Five Training Blogs

Believe it or not, ultimate players are not the only ones who know about sports specific training.

Here are the blogs by non-ultimate players that I follow and trust for quality training information:

Top Five Non-ultimate Training Blogs

1. Eric Cressey’s blog – This blog is entertaining, applicable, and totally solid.  His main clientele is baseball players.  But we’re all throwers, right?  Check out Shoulder Hurts, Start Here if you’ve ever had rotator cuff issues.

2.  Vern Gambetta’s Functional Path Training – This blog is more about philosophy than practical application.  Also great thoughts on program design and thinking about long term athletic development.  This morning’s post, Foundation in Fundamentals, is a good one.

3.  Mike Boyle’s blog – Thoughts on functional training, mobility, coaching, the fitness industry etc.  Most entertaining recent post – learn all about the addanasstomy

4.  Robertson Training Systems – I don’t read this on as often, but there are some real gems like Coaching Neutral Neck that make this blog worth subscribing to.

5.  Mobility W.O.D.Athletic Thoracic Outlet.  Hugely relevant post for me.  I believe I am, in fact, developing symptoms of TOS.


Bonus Round

I assume that if you’re reading my blog, you’re also paying attention to Tim Morrill’s website.  If not, you should be.  The five on my list above are all relatively well known people in the world of strength and conditioning.  Their blogs are read by thousands of coaches and personal trainers worldwide.  Imagine if for one of those five, their favorite sport was ultimate? Well, that’s the situation we’ll be in in a few years.  Timbo is a magnetic guy with a crazy passion for strength and conditioning knowledge.  I have no doubts he’ll be on the same level as these guys in a few years. So, if you have the opportunity to book him for a speed and agility clinic, get him while his rates are cheap 😉


What’s your favorite training blog?


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