Top Five Ultimate Blogs

For the purpose of this list, I am defining “blog” as a single-author site that has been updated at least 3 times in 2011.

Top Five Ultimate Blogs

These are the main ultimate blogs I read listed in alphabetical order:

  1. Parinella’s Blog – Why wouldn’t you read the blog of the guy who wrote the book on ultimate?
  2. Thinkulti -Came across this blog just last week! It’s a keeper! Great thoughts on coaching and practicing.
  3. Ultimate Rob -the focus of this blog is on throwing.  Lots of videos!
  4. Ultimate Thoughts – Archives have great stuff on all facets of ultimate.  More recent focus on training.  One of the greatest assets of this blog is its longevity. Great resource to keep you busy.
  5. Ultitraining – before there was Melissa’s Ultimate Fitness, there was (and still is!) Ultitraining.
  6. Win the Fields – Great stuff from a great coach.

Yea, I know.  There are six.  I didn’t have the guts to make a final cut.  🙂


Also I want to add a plug for…

Favorite Retired Blogger

Match Diesel– this guy had great insight and excellent writing skills.  He also wasn’t afraid to be a bit controversial.  I’m very sad he’s no longer blogging.

What are your top five ultimate blogs?  Make your recommendations in the comments please!


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