Wednesday: core, plyos, strength, lateral conditioning

Wednesday was a complete workout with several training components:

I went straight to the gym from the high school team’s practice, so no dynamic warmup was necessary.

Things to note:  strength training is becoming shorter and focused only on the essentials. Unlike last week I got an extra day in the gym this week so I divided it into upper and lower days.


Part 1: Core

I feel that I’ve been slacking a bit on my core training so I put it first today to give it the attention it deserves.

I did the following circuit three times:

Part 2:  lateral plyos

Part 3:  Strength


  • bench press
  • assisted chin ups


  • single arm incline dumbbell bench
  • one arm dumbbell rows

Part 4:  Conditioning

Lateral Movement Conditioning

10 reps of 30 s work, 60 s rest.  alternated between skater hops, shuffles, and 12 yard shuttle runs.


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