Alan Janzen: rotational scoop toss for throwing power

This week I’m visiting Alan Janzen and his brother Phil at Explosive Sports Performance in San Antonio Texas.  You will hopefully recognize Alan from Skyd Magazine’s Expert Panel and his much commented upon Strength Training for Ultimate series.  Alan, Tim Morrill, and I are literally on the same page (don’t give up the fight!) regarding strength training for sports performance.

Alan has contributed  many exercises and ideas to The Ultimate Athlete Project.  Alan also hangs out in the forums ofThe Ultimate Athlete Project giving great advice on nutrition, recovery, etc.

Below you’ll learn more about Alan and his facility AND Alan will show and explain the rotational scoop toss.  This is a great exercise for getting more hip coordination and power in your throws.

Here’s a quick intro to Alan and his facility:


The Rotational Scoop Toss:

More From Alan coming soon…

While I’m here I’m going to get Alan to give us more tips on training for my 25 Tips To Improve Your Ultimate Performance series.  We’re also going to answer questions for this months Skyd Expert Panel via video.  So, if you’ve got questions that lend themselves to video demonstration, now’s the time to ask!


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