Back from Texas, moving to Colombia

Just got back from my visit with the Janzen brothers in San Antonio.  I didn’t go to San Antonio with a specific agenda but my visit was super-productive.

Check out some of the fruits of our labors:

Alan Janzen: Rotational Scoop Toss for Throwing Power

Is Your Rib Cage Flaring?  Form and Function with Phil Janzen

Skyd Expert Panel: Video Q&A


FMS (almost) Expert

Over the week of my visit we had plenty of time to talk about training, program design, and ultimate.

We also studied the home study course for Gray Cook’s Functional Movement Screen Certification and tested one another using the FMS.  (Alan has an anterior core of steel, btw)

I had been tested by an FMS expert a few months ago in an effort to find out more about my hip and tissue quality issues.  I was pretty familiar with the FMS screen from that experience and reading Gray Cook’s Athletic Body in Balance.  Studying with a group of other S&C professionals was far more fun and educational.  AND Phil is now officially an FMS Expert!

I may or may not get officially certified (it’s not cheap!) but Ill definitely be applying some of the FMS principles to the athletes I train whenever I can.


Mandatory Vacation

It was not ALL work.  San Antonio Rage was nice enough to let me practice and play mini with them.  Stellar group of guys.  I ate lots of BBQ and paletas from El Paraiso.  Also got to see Bela Fleck free in a concert at the park.

Fortunately, Alan’s girlfriend Megan did not let me leave San Antonio without seeing the Alamo and the Riverwalk.  Megan is a natural tour guide.  The Riverwalk is  made up of two beautifully landscaped stone paths right next to the water shaded in Cypress trees.  San Antonio is a pretty awesome place!  These Viper Margaritas made with cactus juice (or something like that) were also pretty amazing.

viper margaritas!


On to Bogota!

Working at Power Train and visiting Alan and Phil at Explosive Sports Performance has been super fun and educational.  Now I’m looking forward to applying everything I’ve learned this year as I move on to Colombia this fall to train the top ultimate athletes in Bogota.

While the Ultimate Athlete Project provides training that I’m very proud of and has gotten profound results for many of the club players who’ve been in the website this season, I’m looking forward to the opportunity to personalize the programs a for the athletes I train in Colombia.  I’m also looking forward to checking out the youth programs there which have been crazily successful.  Clearly they’re doing something right!  Looking forward to learning all I can from them while enhancing the physical training aspect of their youth development.

I’ll be in Colombia from mid-October until mid-December.  Stay tuned for updates!


PS.  While I’m in Colombia, I will NOT be accepting any new members in The Ultimate Athlete Project.  I am sorry for the inconvenience this will cause to those who aren’t quite ready to start.  You can still sign up until Wednesday Oct 3rd at 8PM EST.  Click here to sign up assuming you read this in time:


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