Core Circuit as Warmup

I’ve previously mentioned on the blog that I like to put core circuits before my main workout.  Primarily this is because I view core work as very important and often if it’s at the end of the workout, it doesn’t get the full attention it deserves.

As a Warmup?

While doing my core circuit this week I realized that certain core circuits can also double as a great warm up before the lifting workout.  This makes sense as I view the shoulders and hips as being like the four corners of the core.  The basis of fluid and powerful athletic movement is to have mobility at the four corners and stability at the center.

I often do this exercise before an upper body session to get the shoulders moving:


Today’s core circuit served a similar function with the Stir the Pot and Stability Ball Pike Exercises.  This core circuit is part of Phase 1 of The Ultimate Athlete Project.

Stir the Pot

6 circles each direction


Stability Ball Pike

start with 4-6 repetitions


Stability Ball Russian Twist

8-10 repetitions

Try putting this circuit before your next upper body workout!
If you’re looking for ways to save time in the gym, this is a great way to combine core work and wamup in one!


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