How to Get Your Training Back on Track

Melissa Wimter offers fitness training consultationSo it’s about mid-season for club players in the US.  Hopefully all is going well with you and your training plan.  I hope you’re feeling strong, fit, fast, and invincible.  If, however, you’ve gotten a bit off track don’t beat yourself up.  Let’s figure out what you need to do to get your training plan back on track!

If you’re not where you want to be, it’s time to reassess.

Ask Yourself a Few Important Questions

  • What’s the main thing you want to change or improve between now and sectionals/regionals?
  • Are my current training plans going to get the job done? Do my plans reflect my goals?
  • What can I eliminate or cut back on in my current plans to make room for improved focus on my goals?

Free consultation!

Tell me your goals and challenges in the comments belowI will choose 3 people at random from the comments.  These three commenters will win a FREE 30 minute phone (or skype) consultation with me! We will discuss your goals and tweak your training plans to get you where you want to go this season. Awesome!

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11 comments to How to Get Your Training Back on Track

  • tim

    I used to overtrain by hitting the gym in the mornings, doing sprints and field work in the afternoons where I don’t have practice. I started developing major bruises on my shins from overwork. I’ve cut the field work but my conditioning is now suffering. Whats an Ideal split?

    Monday – Lift AM
    Tue – Practice PM
    Wed – Lift AM/ Pick up PM
    Thur – Rest
    Fri – Lift AM
    Sat – Practice AM
    Sun – Rest

  • Jonah Wisch

    I played for the Philadelphia Spinners,, I am currently playing for my youth club team Devyl, and then I am playing for The Oakland haders once I get to the university of Pittsburgh in late August. I have been using your 12 weeks to game time and I will finish that program in a week! (I loved it) I want some help with my transition to the fall series, and how to handle the offseason. Also I want some assistance with a transition from college ultimate to single style MLU games that will happen next spring after college nationals. The one thing I believe is striking me at this point in the year is the imbalances my body is experiencing, how can I fix/assist that mid season?


    Jonah Wisch

  • Chris Lehmann

    Melissa –

    I coach the high school team – Science Leadership Academy – in Philadelphia, PA. We are gearing up for a fall season where we will be mixing in 9th graders who are new to Ultimate with 30 returning playing spread across the girls and boys varsity and the JV team. How can we best train for the season that helps our returning players get stronger while introducing the new players to Ultimate-specific fitness.

  • Hi Melissa! I’m the captain of the women’s team at the University of Northern Iowa. We’ve only been in existance for 5 years and last year was our first pretty competitive year. This year we’re planning on implementing a lifting workout 2-3 days a week and I’ve searched every where for ultimate related workouts but there aren’t many that I’ve been able to find or understand. I need help coming up with a basic workout routine I can give my players to take our team to the next levvel! Thanks! 🙂

  • Ryan Mulnick

    The challenges for me right now are the continued day after day training required to keep me on track pushing towards goals in the comin months as opposed to doin more now (cramming) followed by missing days of lifting and even more so, field conditioning work. It always seems easier for me to motivate to go to the gym and lift than go to a park or track and do the SAQ cond. work outlined in the the 12weeks program. Balancing lifting (strength work) w the necessary compliment of SAQ and cond to keep myself mobile and fast… Also, challenge to keep rolling w my own training program while trying to incorporate team strength and other workouts.. Be a teammate and do the best training for myself that I can

  • Jake

    I played for an AUDL team, play in the local league one night a week, and play for a competitive club team. So until 2 weeks ago I was playing 4-5 times a week and I did not think my body could take much more. Now I am down to three nights a week and want to make certain I am peaking at region/nationals. I feel pretty good, but I am working through some over-training and poor maintenance issues. I have really tight hamstrings, glutes, and lower back. I also have a history of tight IT bands, but do a pretty good job of managing them.
    I am 5’11” and weigh approximately 171 pounds. I weighed in at 188 over the winter and 177 during tryouts in May. I feel the most athletic I have ever been, but know I could do more.
    My goals consist of:
    I would like to get close to 165 in the next several weeks.
    I would like to avoid injuries.
    Improve my explosiveness (speed and vertical). I am a D-line handler, so my footwork is critical too.
    I do not have a gym membership and will not be getting one anytime soon. I have access to dumbbells up to 35#. I also have access to everything in the outdoors, and in my apartment’s workout room we have a treadmill, elliptical, stationary bike, and a universal weight machine. My friend also has a bench and squat rack with a universal weight set, but those workouts have proved hard to schedule.
    My life is pretty busy and I want to have recovery time too. So should I add workouts on practice days or in between? I would like to add some core, agility, and lifting. But I am not sure what should be prioritized and how much would be too much.


  • Zach

    Hey Melissa,

    I did some training with a sports gym around my area a year or so ago and I’ve tried to adapt that into my current routine, at the same time as I’m trying to get a bit bigger. Talking to you over the phone would be awesome and I’m sure help me out a lot.


  • Ben

    Hey Melissa,

    My question has to do with multiple sessions on some days. It’s always a struggle to fit team practice, outside skill drills, throwing, lifting, plyos, speed work, agility work, and sprint endurance work into a week.

    I know that not all of these things need to be happening at the same time, but there are definitely times when I’d like to lift 3 times a week, practice 3 times a week, sprint 3 times a week, and do plyos. I’m wondering how to do all of these things in a safe way that prevents fatigue from becoming a limiting factor (as in a sprint yesterday impacting today’s lift).


  • Victor Pignotti Maielo

    Hey Melissa, Ive been playing for almost two years here in Brazil. I played basketball, volley and soccer and therefore have adapted rather fast. I still have a long way understanding the game and learning technic and tactics. I played mostly as a cutter but am now transitioning to handler.
    Here in Brazil we have very few people playing and some old guys that play for about 15-20 so physically I am one of the fastest and I jump higher than most of the players. I kind of got used to it since I am able to virtualy win at most of the match ups.
    Thing is, some american players came by and played with us. They were no monsters neither that much more experienced but they did gave me a wake up call. By the end of the weekend I was completely spent and had the certainty that I cannot settle!

    I have been practicing with my team for the Panamerican that will occur here in November. Could you help out not to get crushed by american, canadian or colombian players? I have 3 months of training ahead of me. I reckon we wont be much of a match up for americans or canadians but could hand me some tips to for showing them that brazilians are able to play too?

    Thank you in advance
    best regards

  • Jerry McIntire

    Simple. More speed (sprints), and better timing for jumps. focus on SAQ and conditioning? What conditioning will do the most to increase speed?

  • Mathieu Brisebois

    Hi Melissa!

    Can’t believe I missed this!!

    I lift 3-4x per week and do 2-3 sprinting sessions.

    But what I’d really like to know is your approach to in-season training as far as lifting. Maintain gains or keep improving ? Reps, sets, tempo, etc…

    Thx a bunch for being an available and valuable ressource!

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