Become the Ultimate Athlete

Creating the BEST (and maybe only) Ultimate Specific Training Plan Available

Ultimate is a difficult sport to train for.  Not only do you need the explosiveness and speed, but also you need that explosiveness and speed to last all day–for two days!

Wouldn’t you like to step onto the field next season knowing you’ve done everything in your power to prepare?

Do you want to be faster, more explosive, and less injury prone?

Do you want to last all season and peak at the right time?

We can do this!

Unfortunately, it may be awhile until ultimate gets the respect it deserves and every team has its own strength and conditioning coach.  Until that happens, I intend to provide professional, knowledgeable training support for as many teams and players as I can at a reasonable price.

What I am aiming to build is an ultimate training subscription site where you’ll have access to training, coaching, community, and mentoring from other athletes.

This is a project that is under construction!  Sign up to be stay informed!


Expect announcements as I add new partners and work out the details.  I’ll be asking for your input and feedback as the project evolves.  This is your chance to contribute to building the most awesome online ultimate training community ever.