Core Work

Crawling for Core Stability and Coordination

Learning Something New

The post season and early off season is a great time to experiment with new training ideas. You can learn new movement patterns without the pressure of looking for results. Cross training or learning a new physical skill is a great way to keep they body active while giving your body a bit of a rest from its usual stresses.

In the spirit of learning something new, I recently met up with Andy Keller. Andy is soon to be one of the few level 2 parkour instructors in the US. Last year I met him [read more…]

Core Work

Core Circuit as Warmup

I’ve previously mentioned on the blog that I like to put core circuits before my main workout. Primarily this is because I view core work as very important and often if it’s at the end of the workout, it doesn’t get the full attention it deserves.

As a Warmup?

While doing my core circuit this week I realized that certain core circuits can also double as a great warm up before the lifting workout. This makes sense as I view the shoulders and hips as being like the four corners of the [read more…]

Core Work

Friday’s complete workout: putting training components in order

I don’t post the details of every workout I do on this blog because that would get very boring very quickly. However, Friday’s training session is a good example of how to incorporate different components of training into one workout session in a logical order so I’ll post it in full.

As I’ve mentioned, I’m able to devote about 2 hours per day 5-6 days per week to my training. This has to include all of my skill work in addition to my training and conditioning. For now I’m still trying to keep four days of lifting in an upper/lower [read more…]

Core Work

Sample Core Circuit 3

Today’s core circuit

Three times through the following:

dead bug -10 reps each side (note: dead bugs are not a beginner exercise. Much harder than they look if you’re going to do them properly. I’d recommend doing planks to start with. Or follow there some recommendations for working up to the whole dead bug.) oblique bridge -15 reps each side hip thrusts -6 reps. This is a new exercises for me, hence the low reps. Instead of a barbell, I held a 25 lb plate awkwardly over my hip flexors. [read more…]