Core Work

Sample core circuit 2

Today’s core circuit

I don’t have any one core routine that I follow day in and day out. Instead, I usually pick my core exercises when I walk into the gym. From my repetoire I pick some exercises for stability and some for movement. I choose something for the lower abdominals, obliques, and whole core. Sticking to these guidelines I am training for movement and stability in a various planes.

For today’s core circuit I chose two pairs of exercises (so it wasn’t technically a circuit). half-kneeling stability reverse chop (20 lb, 12 reps) Pallov press [read more…]

Core Work

Begin your workout with a core circuit

Today after I practiced my mad jump rope skills I began my workout with a core circuit.

Because core strength is so important, I place it at the front of the workout. I like the added benefit of being able to “feel” what my core is doing when I do a sprint workout following a core circuit.

To create a core circuit I choose 3-5 exercises trying to work in different planes of motion. I choose at least one isometric exercises and one rotational exercise. I go through three circuits with no rest and I do core circuits 3-4 [read more…]