Complete Multidirectional Movement Workout

Leading up to sectionals I was having some problems with my hamstring wanting to seize up every time I would sprint more than about 15 yards. Fortunately, I rarely have to do that on the ultimate field as a handler. Unfortunately, this made my workouts leading up to sectionals a little more challenging. My solution was to rest my hamstring by doing only workouts that didn’t cause the cramping feeling.


This multidirectional movement workout worked great for keeping my edge on fitness and allowed me to move without doing more damage. Last week I showed you my lateral [read more…]


Two Shuttle Run Workout Options

This season shuttle runs have become a staple of my conditioning routine.

Though I still love tempo intervals, shuttle runs involve changes of direction which make them slightly more sport specific than traditional track workouts.

You can get endless variety out of shuttle run workouts by varying the distances. This cut conditioning drill from Tim Morrill is a great example: I tend to keep things very simple. I like the 150 shuttle. All I have to do is set up two cones 50 paces apart. I like this distance because it’s long enough to allow me to get up [read more…]


Lateral Movement Workouts: the Secret of my Success

About a week ago I promised to tell you the five biggest changes I made to my training program last year. You can read all about those five changes that revolutionized my training on Skyd magazine.


I want to elaborate a bit on 4. Alternating days of linear and lateral emphasis conditioning.

If you’ve been paying attention to what I’ve written over the past year, then this idea is not new to you. If you haven’t implemented lateral movement in your training already, I hope this video [read more…]


Circuit Training: What is it? Why do it?

What is circuit training?

Circuit training involves performing a series of strength training exercises with less than the normal amount of rest. The rest between sets is purposefully not enough for complete recovery.

There are many ways to design a circuit. You could pick ten exercises and do one set of each with no rest. You could go several times through a circuit with no rest. You could do a series of exercises with work intervals and rest intervals. Circuits can be intense and as short as 12 minutes or they can be as long as an hour. The variable [read more…]