Fitness Testing

First Attempt at the Serpentine Agility Test

Last week I put myself and a few Central PA summer league friends through the serpentine agility test.

The test was easy to set up and easy to run. It’s an ideal pre-summer league test. Players get warmed up for thier game, the test doesn’t take long, and players get to encourage each other as they run the course.


Here Timbo explains what it is and how to set it up:


Our average male (out of 5) ran the course in 10.0s

Our fastest guy was 9.45s

We only had two women run the test and our [read more…]

Fitness Testing

Fitness Testing May: t-test, 40, sprint fatigue

This is the list of the fitness tests I’ve be using to measure my progress:

1. timed mile 2. 30 m sprint fatigue test 3. t test 4. 40 yard sprint time 5. 300 meter sprint time 6. standing vertical

I’ve previously discussed my rationale for each test.

Recently, I did the t-test, 40 m sprint, and 30 m sprint fatigue test.

The last time I did these tests was way back in January.

All tests were done in cleats on grass. The weather and ground conditions were close to ideal.


My Results:

1. t-test

I switched [read more…]

Fitness Testing

Fitness Testing May: vert, mile, 300 meters

I’ve been fairly terrible at doing regular fitness testing. Perhaps I was traumatized by my last testing experience in January.


My vertical is now 22 inches. This is exactly the same as at this time last year and one inch higher than last time I tested in February. I expected it to be a little better considering I’ve been doing some low level plyos. The purpose of those was to get ready to do higher intensity plyometrics. Still, of course hoped for some training effect.

Timed [read more…]

Fitness Testing

Vertical Jump Testing: Courtesy of Colin McIntyre

Last time Colin McIntyre was visiting the Philly area he brought me this crazy contraption:

vertical jump tester

Yes, it is a finely hand crafted vertical jump tester!

Here is what Colin has to say about why he did it and where he got some ideas for how to make it:

I met Tim Morrill at the College and Club Championships this year, and he got me thinking a bit more about training and performance testing. After the Club season ended, I ran across a post on an online forum from a guy who had built [read more…]