Fitness Testing

Fitness testing in the bleak midwinter: T-test, 40, and sprint fatigue

Today I braved the cold to repeat the T-test and the sprint fatigue test. Testing conditions were not ideal. The temperature was around 36 degrees and by the time we were done with the sprint fatigue test, it was nearly dark. The ground was not frozen, but it certainly wasn’t as soft as in the November tests. Toes were occasionally numb.

All tests were performed on grass in cleats.

This is our testing setup:

Yep, just a lot of cones.

sprint fatige and t-test setup

And this is my fitness testing partner, Becky: [read more…]

Fitness Testing

Timed Mile: jan2010

Today I repeated my timed mile test. Looking at my previous test in November, I’m a little embarrassed! I said I’d be working on my endurance. In truth, I’ve been writing about interval training more often than actually doing it. I’ve been a lot more focused on basic strength training than cardiovascular training. Really, I think that’s okay. I’m just perturbed by the difference between what I said I was going to do and what I actually did.

I have not been as motivated to make myself go to the track in the cold as much as I [read more…]

Fitness Testing

testing: 300m

Today I finally got around to doing my 300 m test. Why would you want to do a 300 m test? As I’ve previously discussed, the 300 m sprint test is a good test of power endurance.

The last time I performed this test was in March. I distinctly remember feeling like I was going to DIE at the completion of the test. I could not feel my hands coming down the straightaway, my form was going to s*&t, and I was not remotely back to feeling normal until at least 7 minutes after the test was complete.

My [read more…]

Fitness Testing

T-test and Sprint Fatigue Test

Sunday I did two more fitness tests. I performed the T-test and the sprint fatigue test. The T-test is a fairly common tests that is supposed to measure agility. It has been run by many athletes so there is a lot of data to which you can compare yourself. The sprint endurance tests is not as common, but it is probably more applicable.

My score the T-test was 12.1 seconds. According to this website, that is an average score. Unfortunately, I set up my course in meters instead of yards! My comparisons to norms are useless. Next [read more…]