Fitness Testing

Fitness Testing: what are the relevant options?

Here is a list of the fitness tests I’ll be using to measure my progress this year:

1. timed mile 2. 30 m sprint fatigue test 3. t test 4. 40 yard sprint time 5. 300 meter sprint time 6. standing vertical

This is my rationale for each test:

timed mile: The main reason for doing this test is because it’s easy to do. I am not convinced that a players mile time is really relevant to ultimate performance. This is the least applicable of the test that I’m using. The advantages of this test [read more…]

Fitness Testing

Timed Mile

Since I’m going to be documenting my training I’m going to also going to do periodic testing to see what improves and what does not. Over the next six weeks I’m going to be working on endurance. I will not be working on steady state endurance. I will be making extensive use of interval training.

Still, I thought a timed mile might be an interesting test to do. And by “interesting” I mean painful. So tonight I timed my mile at 7 minutes 23 seconds. I was kind of surprised. I expected it to be faster.

I don’t really think [read more…]