Proper Progression in Plyos: box jumps


These drills separate jumping into its separate components, the up part, and the down part.

The key to both of these drills is landing with your knees no more bent than when you took off.


First: jumping up onto an object

The value of jumping onto objects is that is minimizes the stress to muscles and tendons because there is much less excentric contraction than if you were landing from the same hight. Additionally, having an object to jump onto gives good automatic feedback. Either you give max effort and land on the platform or you eat splinters. [read more…]


Proper Progression in Plyos: Stick the Landing

I finally bought myself a camera. Hopefully this mean more video demos to come…

I’ve been promising to talk about plyos and agility drills for awhile now. So first up:

An intro to plyometrics

Players tend to injure themselves in plyometric programs by committing one of to two basic mistakes. Mistake #1 is doing too many reps for too long. Mistake #2 is not having a proper progression in a plyometric program.

In this video I will help you to avoid mistake #2. Before you can be jumping all over the place, you need to be confident that you [read more…]


Waiting on Perfection (of the Ninja variety)

So I was doing my zig-zag Heiden and stick tonight as part of my lateral plyo module and something clicked. I landed like a ninja. An explosive, silent, and perfectly one legged balanced killer. Thrilling!

My first lateral plyo post was April 6th. At that point I was very far from being a ninja and was having trouble just sticking the landing in a lateral bound let alone landing quietly. It only took two sessions for me to become proficient at sticking the landing. At this point, I was tempted to move on and progress to something more difficult. [read more…]


Plyometrics: Update and Equipment Options

I’m in the middle of a phase of introductory plyometrics. I have 2 linear and 2 lateral days of plyos per weeks. Each session involves 33 ground contacts for a total of 132 ground contacts per week.


In the first phase of plyometrics I was focused only on jumping with a soft landing. Now I am starting to incorporate multiple jumps. For this week’s jumps I took a small hop between jumps. So I am still not all the way to minimizing ground contact time but I am working on my elasticity.


[read more…]