Alan Janzen: rotational scoop toss for throwing power

This week I’m visiting Alan Janzen and his brother Phil at Explosive Sports Performance in San Antonio Texas. You will hopefully recognize Alan from Skyd Magazine’s Expert Panel and his much commented upon Strength Training for Ultimate series. Alan, Tim Morrill, and I are literally on the same page (don’t give up the fight!) regarding strength training for sports performance.

Alan has contributed many exercises and ideas to The Ultimate Athlete Project. Alan also hangs out in the forums ofThe Ultimate Athlete Project giving great advice on nutrition, recovery, etc.

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Circuit training as an indoor workout

About two weeks ago I finished up my phase which was focusing on Olympic lifts. Later in the year I’d like to do another round of Olympic lifting under supervision and move more weight.

This month I’m changing my training emphasis toward building up some work capacity with circuit training. I wish I could say this decision was part of a well planned progression in training. Honestly it’s more because I’m in search of some interesting things to do while I’m stuck indoors. This phase will last about four weeks through the month of February or whenever it [read more…]


Swagger on! Olympic lifting update

Learning the Olympic lifts has been going exceedingly well. I have overcome the initial awkwardness of practicing my explosive lifts in the gym. Even better, I am LOVING dumbbell snatches! Now the more people looking at me funny, the better. I know what I’m doing, and I know it.

Training for explosiveness is really training the neurological system. It is about your body learning how to fire the right motor units at the right intensity in the right order for maximal power output.

This may sound strange, but I can feel that my body is working on [read more…]