Reevaluating Training Choices: Speed Training yes or no?

Tryouts were this weekend.

Overall I was a little dissapointed in my athletic performance. I was not feeling as quick and explosive as I would have liked. I’m not sure if this was a mental issue and I just didn’t bring my A-game. Or it may have been a physical issue. Maybe I shouldn’t have done so many sets of squats on Friday. Or maybe I just didn’t get enough sleep.

Anyway, have me thinking about my current training strategy. The past six weeks I’ve spent mainly focused on top speed and acceleration training. All of my acceleration and speed [read more…]


Mental Toughness: Bored to Banshee in 15 Seconds or Less

I did my typical sprint workout on Tuesday as follows: linear plyos, sprinters starts, 40 yard sprints with complete recovery. My workout was done on grass in cleats. Sprints were on a slight incline.

Unlike previous speed days, I wasn’t doing pulling practice between sprints due to a forearm injury given to me by a sweater and a doorknob. (don’t ask)

This left me with 4 minutes between sprints with not much to do other than walk around and enjoy the cool evening air.

I hadn’t bothered to try to find a training partner for today. Not because [read more…]


Starting Plyos and Speed Work

Hallelujah it’s finally warm! Today I did some plyometric work and top speed training outside

From now until mid-May my primary focus will be on speed, agility, and plyometrics. This does not mean that I’ll be doing agility workouts every day. It means that I plan my other workouts so that I get optimal results from my speed, agility, plyometric workouts. In order to reap the benefits of speed and agility training, the work must be done while there is little residual fatigue from other workouts. This month is a perfect time for this type of training because I don’t [read more…]