Death Circuit

Ok this is really the last of the circuits. Brian and I decided on one more and we were determined to end on a good one.

What is the Death Circuit?

What follows is a modification of the Survivor Circuit (formerly known as the Death Circuit). The Death Circuit was developed at the University of Nebraska in the 80’s.

In Advances in Functional Training, Michael Boyle discusses doing a modification of the Survivor Circuit that he uses with the Boston University Hockey team. He modified the original Survivor Circuit using more full body exercises. [read more…]


Circuit Training with Brian: Part 3

This will sadly be the last in the series of circuit training with Brian. It’s been a nice change of pace but it’s time to get back to my more normal lifting routine.

Exercises were paired. We did 40s of work followed by 20s rest for each exercise. Each pair was done three times. 80s rest between pairs. pair 1 assisted pullups bodyweight squats pair 2 assisted dips side lunge (bodyweight) pair 3 pushups don’t know the right name but it was kinda like figure eights pair 4 plank step up lunge jumps

This [read more…]


Circuit Training with Brian: Part 2

Brian, my circuit training partner

Meet Brian. He’s one of several MMA dudes who goes to my gym. I recruited Brian to help me get through a month of circuit training.

I recruited Brian because I noticed he uses circuit training fairly regularly. While I have a few circuits I use, in general I don’t have a lot of experience with circuits as a training tool.

For the past few weeks we’ve been doing circuits together twice a week.

Wednesday was Brian’s turn to make up our circuit. He incorporated some explosive exercises this time. Like [read more…]


No, I am not doing Crossfit!

Ok people let’s clear this up. Crossfit did not invent high intensity intervals, circuit training, or kettle bell swings. Crossfit did invent a highly successful brand and franchise. So successful in fact, that the last two times Brian and I have done circuit training someone has asked if we are doing Crossfit.

Wednesday I put Brian through the circuit I’ve been using which we repeated five times. When one of Brian’s friends asked “is that Crossfit?” He said, “Yea, I think that’s where she got it from.” I was livid. I would prefer for people to assume that [read more…]