Training Principles

I am not a guru


A friend of mine from Explosive Sports Performance posted this on Facebook the other day:


Here is the link to the article

I bring this up for two reasons.

1. The content. Go read the article to which Phil is referring.

I don’t always enjoy the tone of voice of T-Nation articles, but Mark Rippetoe (author of Starting Strength) says so many things here that I’d be too polite to say myself.

My favorite part is the second to last sections where Rippetoe emphasizes the difference between training and exercising.

What’s [read more…]

Training Principles

Top Five Posts on Melissa’s Ultimate Fitness

Hello All,

This month is the six month anniversary of! Thank you ALL so much for reading, subscribing, and commenting. I started this blog as an experiment. My goals was to make it through blogging about one year of training. I’m halfway there and loving every it! The coolest part of my blogging experience is when I meet you guys in person. Please introduce yourself if you see me at any tournaments, league games, etc. You have my picture, but I don’t have yours so you kinda have to be the first to say hello. 🙂 I promise I [read more…]


Waiting on Perfection (of the Ninja variety)

So I was doing my zig-zag Heiden and stick tonight as part of my lateral plyo module and something clicked. I landed like a ninja. An explosive, silent, and perfectly one legged balanced killer. Thrilling!

My first lateral plyo post was April 6th. At that point I was very far from being a ninja and was having trouble just sticking the landing in a lateral bound let alone landing quietly. It only took two sessions for me to become proficient at sticking the landing. At this point, I was tempted to move on and progress to something more difficult. [read more…]


Lateral Movement Workouts: the Secret of my Success

About a week ago I promised to tell you the five biggest changes I made to my training program last year. You can read all about those five changes that revolutionized my training on Skyd magazine.


I want to elaborate a bit on 4. Alternating days of linear and lateral emphasis conditioning.

If you’ve been paying attention to what I’ve written over the past year, then this idea is not new to you. If you haven’t implemented lateral movement in your training already, I hope this video [read more…]