Training Log

Training on Vacation Part 1 (of many): Parkour in the park

Parkout Park in Denmark

Life Update

Yesterday afternoon I arrived in Copenhagen! I will be in Europe for the next 8 weeks. This is mostly for vacation but I will have a few ultimate activities mixed in. I’ll be traveling south to Italy soon. If you are between here and there and want me to drop by for an impromptu mini-clinic or just a visit, send a message my way!

Last night I stayed with Lasse Gejl and Thea. Lasse curates the top ten most interesting ultimate tidbits of the week. There are so many ultimate videos and articles posted online each week that [read more…]


Complete Multidirectional Movement Workout

Leading up to sectionals I was having some problems with my hamstring wanting to seize up every time I would sprint more than about 15 yards. Fortunately, I rarely have to do that on the ultimate field as a handler. Unfortunately, this made my workouts leading up to sectionals a little more challenging. My solution was to rest my hamstring by doing only workouts that didn’t cause the cramping feeling.


This multidirectional movement workout worked great for keeping my edge on fitness and allowed me to move without doing more damage. Last week I showed you my lateral [read more…]


Lateral Movement Workout

This post is an updated my previous post about my favorite lateral movement workout. In that video I briefly explained the workout and did a short demo.


What follows is the exact version of the lateral movement workout I did this week:

I did three exercises in a circuit:

skater hops shuffles short shuttles

Each exercises was performed for 30 seconds at full intensity followed by 60 seconds of rest. I went through the circuit three times.

I am showing you the last of the three circuits. There is enough recovery for my last set to be as [read more…]


Sample Plyometric Workout 2

First things first: do NOT blindly copy this workout! Please read Plyometrics: Three Mistakes that Increase Your Risk of Injury before starting any plyo program. This workout is presented for informational purposes only.


Before doing a plyometric workout, I do a thorough dynamic warmup. Prancing, galloping, pogos are excellent pre-plyo warm up exercises.

I might also do some footwork drills as a transition between the warmup and the workout.

Here is a footwork drill that I like a lot:

Especially with a tall cone, it is [read more…]