Sample plyometric workout

Before doing a plyometric workout, do a thorough dynamic warmup. I also do prancing, galloping, pogos as excellent pre-plyo warm up exercises.


The Workout

1. Squat Jumps

Multiple jumps with the aim of max height and minimal ground contact time.


2 sets 5 reps

2. Jumping for height off one foot.

Though it’s not entirely necessary, I love using the vert tester for this exercise. It ensures I’m jumping as high as possible. Also, motor skills are learned best when the focus of attention is on an external factor rather than on [read more…]

Training Log

How to get it all done: your in season training plan

Program planning in the off season is relatively easy. You can choose a training emphasis, go to the gym on a regular basis, plan your training with adequate recovery, and make steady progress.

In season it’s all too easy for plans to go awry. Training and recovery now have to consider tournaments, summer league games, and time for working on skills.

In mid-May I wrote a post on Mackey’s blog about my program plan for my speed training block. At that time, my main priority was speed training Now my priorities include plyometrics, agility drills, [read more…]

Training Log

Inspiration is for Amateurs

In my most recent post I admitted to feeling disappointing in how this season is shaping up. I admitted it has affected my motivation. I admit that I still feel a little dazed and confused- not sure who or what I’m training for. I cannot, however, admit to missing a workout. Hasn’t happenned. Perhaps I’m not winning all the workouts, attacking them with ghusto, looking forward to them, and dreaming about them. I am, however, still showing up. Even surprising myself and winning some of them too.

Just like you, I have days when I argue with myself [read more…]

Training Log

Go for a hike!

For those of you following me regularly, I’m happy to report that I performed much better at this weekend’s tryouts than last weekend. Overall I felt more intense and ready to roll. What was different? I made more of an effort to ease up on my training in the second half of last week. I was also determined to redeem last weekend’s lackluster performance. So was it a physical or a mental issue last weekend? Who knows. Are the two ever really separate? This is a good question to keep in mind for those of you [read more…]