One Year of The Ultimate Athlete Handbook

Today marks the one year anniversary of the publishing of The Ultimate Athlete Handbook.

To celebrate, the Skyd Store is offering a package discount when you buy both The Ultimate Athlete Handbook and Raise Your Game. Two great ebooks for $20. Reading and applying the concepts in these books is a great way to get your season started off right! Click on the link below to get $5 off.


I will never get tired of the thrill of meeting athletes who have read the book and applied its concepts. It’s amazing to me that readers all over the [read more…]


Puppies and Tigers and Ultimate, oh my!


Just got back to PA after spending the past two weeks in North Carolina visiting my friend, Geoff Horsfield. Geoff has two of the coolest jobs imaginable. First, he works at Carolina Tiger Rescue. Second, he works for me doing content management and customer service for The Ultimate Athlete Project.

My visit had three purposes.

Hang out with Geoff (and puppy sitting!) See tigers Start athletic development resource for youth coaches



During my stay, Geoff and his roommates got an adorable puppy named Samantha.


While the guys went off to work I [read more…]


Ultimate Athlete Project is OPEN!

Ultimate Athlete Project arm sleeves

In case you have not heard of it before, The Ultimate Athlete Project is a website I started last January with the goal of helping ultimate players to reach their full athletic potential. So many people leave so much on the table because they lack an organized long term plan for their training. The Ultimate Athlete Project solves this problem by giving athletes strength and conditioning workouts that progress from off season strength and power development to pre-season conditioning in a way that makes sense.

Most athletes are used to working hard but they don’t know how to work [read more…]


Perfecting Your Program Design: 3 Part Video Series

So I’m back in the US where I recently enjoyed both Christmas and the flu (one was a lot more fun than the other). And I’ve also been working hard getting The Ultimate Athlete Project ready for a new round of members. We’re opening Monday!!!

If you’re interested in learning more about The Ultimate Athlete Project, I’ve created a three part video series where I explain principles of program design. These are the same principles of program design I use in The Ultimate Athlete Project. Even if you’re not interested in joining, perhaps especially if you’re not interested in joining, [read more…]