5 Things I Learned in Training and Traveling

Luckily my training over the past 2 months has been more consistent than would be indicated by the frequency of my posts.

I recently got back to the US after traveling in Europe since March 6th. While traveling I was working on my new training program (coming out June 6th!), giving a few clinics, playing a few tournaments, and trying to be a tourist as well. It was a busy, but awesome trip the whole way through. The best part, of course, was meeting players all over Europe. I look forward to going [read more…]


Ultimate Results in Women’s Health

If you’re a subscriber to Women’s Health, be sure to check out a mention of yours truly in the May issue. I was recently interviewed for the “Fun or Fitness?” article on pages 84-86. Admittedly not an earth shattering quote, but any way to get ultimate mentioned in a major print magazine as a legitimate sport is a win!

Pics or it didn’t happen…

Ultimate Results in Women’s Health

So as exciting as this is, it’s not nearly the most awesome thing I’ve been up to. Keep your eye on this space. Updates and more [read more…]

Training Log

Training on Vacation Part 1 (of many): Parkour in the park

Parkout Park in Denmark

Life Update

Yesterday afternoon I arrived in Copenhagen! I will be in Europe for the next 8 weeks. This is mostly for vacation but I will have a few ultimate activities mixed in. I’ll be traveling south to Italy soon. If you are between here and there and want me to drop by for an impromptu mini-clinic or just a visit, send a message my way!

Last night I stayed with Lasse Gejl and Thea. Lasse curates the top ten most interesting ultimate tidbits of the week. There are so many ultimate videos and articles posted online each week that [read more…]


One Year of The Ultimate Athlete Handbook

Today marks the one year anniversary of the publishing of The Ultimate Athlete Handbook.

To celebrate, the Skyd Store is offering a package discount when you buy both The Ultimate Athlete Handbook and Raise Your Game. Two great ebooks for $20. Reading and applying the concepts in these books is a great way to get your season started off right! Click on the link below to get $5 off.


I will never get tired of the thrill of meeting athletes who have read the book and applied its concepts. It’s amazing to me that readers all over the [read more…]